Emergency Response Services

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Emergency Response Services program is for students interested in pursuing a career, volunteer service, or post-secondary education in emergency medical service, law enforcement, fire or emergency management services. Students may also gain employment in areas of security and industrial safety.
The program will challenge students with technical knowledge, as well as, hands-on training in a fully equipped on-site lab which includes a fire tower and a fire truck. The program of study includes high technical areas such as firefighting, emergency rescues, medical emergencies, patient transport, and law enforcement.
Courses of Study

• Safety
• Communication and Reporting and Documentation
• Law Enforcement
• Investigations
• Firefighting Equipment
• Fire Ground Operations
• Prevention
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
• Patient Assessment
• Treating Patients
• Moving Patients
• Transporting Patients

Career Paths

• Law Enforcement
• Corrections Officer
• Juvenile Justice System
• Emergency Medical Technician
• Fire Fighter
• Fire Arson Investigator


• PA State /National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Certification
• AHA Basic Life Support (CPR)
• Fire Extinguisher Training
• Industrial Fire Brigade Basic
• HAZMAT Awareness
• NIMS 100, 200, 700, 800

Post-Secondary Opportunities

• California University of PA
• Indiana University of PA
• LaRoche College
• Point Park University
• Westmoreland County CC

*Gainful Employment Disclosure for Adult Students