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Forbes Road CTC - What we have to offer...
Forbes Road CTC provides quality education that enables all individuals to achieve their fullest potential in pursuit of employment and/or educational skills. Forbes’ goal is to provide a variety of quality learning experiences, which will enable students to compete successfully in today’s workplace. We strive to equip students with experiences that will enable them to strengthen family foundations, positively influence the community, and participate as an enlightened and informed member of society.

Forbes Road CTC provides many educational courses and programs that can help you obtain the certification and skills you need to move forward in today’s competitive job market. We offer 17 programs and are accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges.

Ninth Grade - Exploratory Program
Entry into the Exploratory Program begins with a two week session in Career Exploration. Students will then participate in four programs including safety, theory, and lab areas. Students will discover the real-life working areas of their programs.
Academic Credit Classes
Forbes Road CTC offers credit classes in English, Math, Physical Education/Health, Social Studies and Science for students in our Apprentice Program, Full-Day students, and students needing to make up course work. The courses offered: Geometry, Trigonometry, Environmental Science, Physics, Biology, Physical Science, Social Studies, US History I, US History II, World Cultures, Economics, English 10, 11 and 12, Algebra 1, II and III. Students needing to make-up course work in these subjects may take 120 hours of English and/or Math at Forbes Road CTC and receive appropriate credit. This option is subject to sending school approval
Remediation Classes - Resource Room
All Forbes Road CTC students demonstrating a lack of English/Communication and/or Math skills as determined by the sending districts will be required to take remedial courses. At the request of the home school, students can take Keystone Exam remediation classes at Forbes Road CTC.

Forbes has two Resource Rooms that are staffed by certified teachers. Any student that needs help with their academic and /or technical work can go to the Resource Room for help. The staff also provides accommodations for testing.

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