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School to Work Opportunities at Forbes Road CTC

Are you interested in earning a paycheck while earning grades? School to Work opportunities like the Apprenticeship and Cooperative Education adds a paid career-based learning component to the student’s training program.  Participation in these programs allows the employer and Forbes Road Career & Technology Center to work together to meet the training needs of eligible students.

In all School to Work placement arrangements, the employment must be related to the student’s vocational course of study.  Students must be recommended by their technical program instructor, CTC administrator and home school administration.  Students must maintain a B grade average in their technical course and at least a C grade average in any applicable academic classes scheduled at Forbes.  They must have good attendance, and be able to provide their own transportation to and from the job site. Employers give grades based on the student’s on the job performance. Students in this program are also required to keep a logbook, timesheets, and wage records.

School to Work Opportunities include:


This is a one or two year secondary program with technical training.  Students begin work-site learning as youth apprentices during their junior and/or senior years of high school.  Students spend three (3) days per week in technical and applied academics classes at Forbes Road CTC.  The other two (2) days, students will work at a work-site under the supervision of a work-site mentor.  Following high school graduation, the apprentice will continue training in an adult apprenticeship program or in post-secondary education.

Cooperative Education

This is a method of instruction which integrates academic and technical education with job training in the student’s career field through written cooperative arrangements between the schools, employers, parents and students.  The paid training experiences will be planned and supervised by Forbes Road CTC and employers to enhance the student’s education and employability.  The Cooperative Education program is an integral part of the Forbes Road CTC curriculum which extends the curriculum beyond the classroom and exposes students to the real world.


Through actual work experience, the Internship program at Forbes Road CTC is designed to give the student the “work experience” often demanded by today’s employers.  The Internship program will also assist the student in bridging the gap between school and work.  It provides support, guidance, evaluation, and allows the student to utilize the skills and knowledge gained in the classroom in an actual work environment.  Eleventh and twelfth grade students in technical programs have the opportunity to be involved in this program.

Job Shadowing

Students spend one to three days at a work-site to gain insight and information about their chosen career fields.  Job Shadowing gives students a chance to work with an on-site mentor, ask questions, and learn more about the career in which they are interested.

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