Support Services

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Program Philosophy

The special education staff recognizes and responds to the differing students’ aptitudes, abilities, interests, attitudes and goals by assisting teachers in developing and implementing instructional strategies which address individual learning styles. The staff works along with the vocational instructors to assist students in becoming responsible and able decision makers who take responsibility for their vocational success. Currently there are four people in the special populations department. In addition, there are currently seven people employed as teaching assistants. They are utilized in program areas where higher concentrations of students who need extra support services are located.

Resource Room

Our special populations department runs the resource room, which is available to students at all times for remediation or extra support. The members of the department help to ensure that the individual student’s specially designed instruction accommodations and adaptations as outlined by the IEP are being followed. The resource room offers a forum away from classroom distractions where students can use the department’s resources to focus on class assignments, projects and tests.

Program Services

• Attend IEP meetings
• Modify curriculum at Forbes Road CTC on an individual as needed basis
• Monitor individualized behavior plans
• Monitor identified student progress, grades and attendance
• Liaison to 10 school districts and several approved private schools (on-going district contact to maintain good communications)
• Parent contacts
• Assist teacher with adaptations
• Adapt written and academic work on an as needed basis
• Assist students with study skills
• Assist students with test taking
• Assist in transition planning
• OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation) contacts

Suzanne Kuban, Student Populations Coordinator, can be reached at (412) 373-8100 ext 274 or through email.